Nancy A. Morris, Certified EFT Practitioner

Low Libido/Sexual Issues - many sensual and sexual issues are improved using EFT:  feeling comfortable in your body, ability to enjoy sensuality, learning to identify what is pleasurable to you, orgasmic ability, feeling comfortable asking your partner for what you want kindly and effectively, etc.   Many of my articles on this subject have been published.

Unresolved grief - this could be grief over the loss of a loved one, loss of health, breakup of a relationship, loss of your youth, etc.

Sexual Abuse - childhood sexual abuse memories often cause emotional pain many years later.  These emotional blocks can keep a person from fully enjoying life today.  Many of my articles  on this subject have been published.

Anxiety/Worry - over a current situation, also helpful in preparing for a difficult or stressful situation.

Anger/Frustration - over a past event or about a particular person or situation.

Forgiveness - when you would like to forgive but are having trouble doing so

Can EFT help with my issue?
If you have a question about whether EFT can help with your problem, give me a call and I will give you an honest answer.  Sometimes I will refer you to a practitioner who specializes in your issue. 

Client Testimonials:
"Our EFT session was an extraordinary time for me, powerfully revealing of connections I had not previously understood or sensed.  You have a wonderfully open, non-threatening personal manner which gave me freedom to reveal myself and my sex-related issues and to experience loving support for whatever were my goals."  JM, 69 year old male
"Words are not adequate to express my thanks for our recent 'tapping' session and the profoundly successful results it generated for me.  My wife's bone cancer had me paralyzed with fear and anxiety, and of course, my imagination running wild.  As a result, my stomach was in knots and I virtually couldn’t function.  Our tapping session restored a sense of peace and calm in me, which allowed me to function with a clear head, get on with life and care for my wife as needed.  I am still feeling calm and in charge, and looking forward to more sessions."  JO, male

"I want to share with you that my husband and I had sex for the second time in five days.  Before that, it was more like once every month or two.  Nancy, you are a creative, caring, sensitive EFT coach."  JS, 52 year old female

"I have had an increased interest in sex & masturbation and have been more willing to actually do something about my desire!" JV, 56 year old female

"I learned things about myself that helped me to understand where I get hung up; with this awareness I can choose different responses. Nancy's EFT experience is warm, loving and caring." SB, 64 year old female

​"My partner and I were so pleased with the work we did with Nancy.  The issue involved had been causing both of us much distress and Nancy’s methods helped us to put things in perspective and heal both mentally and physically.  And the issue has remained resolved some 7 months now.
Nancy's attention to detail, targeted questioning, and ability to “hit the nail on the head” with her metaphors helped us get right to the core issues and clear them.  I will surely be working with Nancy again and we highly recommend her services."
N & W, 30--something couple

"Nancy, you have great instincts about what's going on with me, making it easier to support me in my goal.  You're compassionate and empathic and I feel really heard." KL

"Our EFT session was a very positive experience for me.  The focused attention, the fear dropping away, both around sexual experience and around my cancer, and knowing that if I get my thinking mind out of the way, much is possible."  SP,  58 year old male

"Nancy is an honest, focused and intuitive EFT professional. I have been able to count on her to be my partner in healing from childhood sexual abuse, becoming more open and less reactive to life, and doing the work that I love.  I have encountered many fears, resistance, anger, and jealousy issues and she has helped me get back to my true self.  Thank you Nancy for your compassionate support!"  PL, 49-year old woman

"Nancy Morris is a wise, compassionate practitioner with a delightful sense of humor.  She used EFT very effectively to help me with issues of sexuality and intimacy.  From the beginning Nancy established an atmosphere of safety and trust that allowed me to explore and heal places of inner wounding.  Because of our work together I now experience much greater sexual confidence and pleasure."  SC, 58-year old woman

Comments from Gary Craig, founder of EFT, about Nancy Morris:  
Regarding childhood sexual abuse:  “Unfortunately, many young girls have been molested by their fathers, uncles, grandfathers, etc.  Until these issues become resolved with EFT, they consistently haunt these girls… often for decades.  To achieve relief, these cases often require major rapport and loads of intuition to get at the various aspects involved.  Read how superbly Nancy Morris does this with her client.” Gary Craig, founder of EFT

Regarding anger:  “Sometimes we have excessive anger over a recent event (the intensity is extreme and “over the top”).  In such cases, I find that the anger is usually reflecting off of a past unresolved anger issue and THAT is why the current anger seems to excessive.  Nancy Morris illustrates this concept beautifully and expertly finds the true issue.” Gary  Craig, founder of EFT

Regarding childhood sexual abuse:  “Some cases are very intricate and require exceptional skill and detective work before they can be successfully unraveled.  Nancy Morris takes us through some sessions with such a case that are loaded with insights and useful ideas.  Please note that everything was done over the phone between California and Australia.” Gary Craig, founder of EFT

Regarding libido improvement:  “Nancy Morris comes up with some excellent detective work to help her 64-year-old client regain her bedroom spark.  Note the excellent and humorous re-frames Nancy uses.” Gary Craig, founder of EFT

Regarding pain during sex:  “Study this article by Nancy Morris because it weaves in and out of many core issues underlying this painful 'bedroom problem'.  This case was not one of our 'one-minute wonders' and took both persistence and skill to properly resolve.  Notice Nancy's frequent use of specific events.  Many quality insights here."  Gary Craig, founder of EFT

Regarding frustration/orgasm:  "Nancy Morris' client couldn't achieve the Big O with her boyfriend.  However, with Nancy's use of EFT, including aiming at specific events, the problem subsided.  There's a lot of detail here worth your study."  Gary Craig, founder of EFT 

Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it.  Nancy Morris is not a licensed health professional and offers EFT as an EFT Practitioner.